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Woodward and Cohen: odd couple

They’re an odd pair, Bob Woodward & Michael Cohen. Or more properly, their books make an odd couple. One man uses four letter words for his titles, the other book has a title with a sub-title followed by a sub-subtitle … Continue reading

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Disturbance in the Force: a Natural Experiment with Audiences

With all the performers, musicians, artists social distancing at home, you might think that this is an opportunity, that they’d be busy singing, strumming, painting…. All that time to create, right? Yet it’s not what I hear on social media. … Continue reading

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Saturday not quite Live

SNL in the era of quarantine? It’s impossible in the usual way: The eager audience in Studio 8H of the Comcast Building (the one many of us know as the “RCA Building”) The cold opening The monologue The musical guests … Continue reading

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