What’s shaking in Scarborough

I’m no geologist. But I can’t help connecting two phenomena.

The first one is simply the Scarborough Bluffs. They’re a beautiful formation, a tourist attraction. They’re made of sand.

Are they strong? Yes and no. Sometimes big chunks of the Bluffs collapse. For example this past weekend there was a report of a part of the sand cliffs collapsing. It makes for dramatic moments as you can see in this video.

There is another thing that is going on that you may not be aware of.

In this summer of the pandemic, people have not been able to have their usual forms of recreation & fun. For one reason or another, we’re seeing a transformation of my beloved Bluffs neighbourhood, at the bottom of Brimley Road.

This is where I live and I love living here.

But this summer with the pandemic it’s different. We’re seeing huge crowds. Huge? Imagine every street jammed full of cars, lines of hundreds of people, meaning mom, dad, and the kids, walking down to the water. Every weekend the number of people flocking down to the lake seems to grow bigger & bigger. And no wonder, when it’s such a beautiful place.

More people in cars & buses, enormous amounts of traffic, means more vibration. In any other part of the city that wouldn’t matter. But this isn’t a normal landscape, not at all. Our bluffs are made of sand.

Is it a coincidence that in this busy summer, when large numbers of people in their vehicles might be causing vibrations, that there are incidents of collapsing sand in the Bluffs? Maybe the incidents are nothing out of the ordinary, perhaps normal.

But perhaps someone –an expert, an authority– should investigate this.

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2 Responses to What’s shaking in Scarborough

  1. I have never been to any of the great lakes and it amazes me how the are like oceans. I spent summers as a kid up in Maine and the lakes there were like puddles compared to these lakes.

    • barczablog says:

      Very true. The water moderates the temperature. Southern Ontario is cosy, our winter is pretty gentle, compared to what you have to endure in Chicago or the midwest. We’re lucky… I love it here.

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