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Canadian Pride

It’s the day before the Academy Awards, which means Canadians can indulge in our favourite sport.  No I don’t mean hockey, which is more of an obsession than something you could dismiss as mere fun.  It’s too much of a … Continue reading

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Psychological portraits: Tito’s Rome

La Clemenza di Tito is not known the way the major operas of Mozart’s maturity are known and loved.  When I say Don Giovanni or Marriage of Figaro or Magic Flute there are tunes that instantly pop into my head … Continue reading

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Sellars interviewed

I watched a wonderful interview tonight at the Toronto Public Library, presented in co-operation between the Canadian Opera Company and the Toronto Star. Richard Ouzounian of The Star interrogated opera director Peter Sellars, in anticipation of tomorrow’s opening night of … Continue reading

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From Troyens to Tristan

December seemed to be a month obsessively occupied by Hector Berlioz, particularly Les Troyens in versions onstage at the Met, the High Definition transmission, DVDs, plus the score at home.  It’s January, and Berlioz is still echoing through the corridors … Continue reading

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Pollyanna’s picks for 2012

This is a look back at 2012 through the rose-coloured glasses of someone who prefers to avoid negativity. Most impressive singer: Jane Archibald.  I’d already been persuaded by her Zerbinetta in the recent COC Ariadne, then I heard her Haydn CD … Continue reading

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Good night, 4-D Regie

This is an extension of the conversation earlier this week.  Yes I get that the title is unintelligible, but even if I presented it fully –Good night, Four dimensional Regietheater—it’s pretty cryptic without some explanations. Let me simply start with … Continue reading

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Keszei’s religious art

I know Attila Keszei as an artist working in several media, on a few recurring subjects. Sustainability has been a key preoccupation for him, both in his professional life at the University of Toronto, and in his art.  Images exploring … Continue reading

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Wham bam thank you SNAM

How important is Saturday Night at the Movies?  TV Ontario –the Ontario equivalent to PBS—has many sorts of educational programming.  SNAM is the furthest thing from a genuine curriculum, and precisely for that reason, likely one of our farthest reaching … Continue reading

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WTF: What’s the Fach? Okay, okay, I admit I’m having fun with headlines.  I’m still convalescing, while the continent convulses (or as my friend Trevor said “earthquakes to the west of me, hurricanes to the east, here I am, stuck … Continue reading

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The bat came back

The bat came back: from the dead that is. Forgive me for invoking one of my very favorite animated cartoons (and Richard Condie). I said BAT not CAT.   After many mediocre bats –productions of Die Fledermaus from the Canadian Opera … Continue reading

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