10 Questions for Britta Hansen

Britta Hansen is the Leader of the Technocratic Party of Canada.  The role of the “technocrat” has been getting a fair amount of attention lately, particularly in Europe during its debt crisis.  Is a government run by technocrats –the most technically skilled and knowledgeable among us–on technocratic (fact-based) principles the answer?  That’s what Hansen and the TPC believe.

I ask Hansen ten questions: five about herself, and five about her work.

1) Which of your parents do you resemble (what’s your nationality / ethnic background)?   

Britta Hansen

Britta Hansen, Leader of the Technocratic Party of Canada

In terms of interests and activities I most resemble my father. We are both very interested in science and politics, and myself being the leader of a political party and a student of science, I have certainly endeavoured in both. My father is Danish and my mother is Canadian.

2) What is the best thing / worst thing about what you do?

The best thing: I love speaking to people. No matter where I am, somehow politics comes up and I get the opportunity to converse with them with respect to current affairs, technocracy, and how politics affects their everyday lives. I think it’s of paramount importance to get everyone’s perspective on the same issues.

The worst thing: dealing with apathy from my peers. Many people don’t care to involve themselves, for whatever reasons, and it takes a lot of work and persistence in order to gain and retain their interest.

3) Who do you like to listen to or watch?

Dr Strangelove

Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)

Mr. Bungle and Primus are two of my biggest musical influences, and I don’t think I could ever get sick of them. On the radio I almost only listen to CBC Radio 2.

For films I adore Dr. Strangelove and the works of David Lynch. I’ve recently been watching alot of Robot Chicken.

4) What ability or skill do you wish you had, that you don’t have?

Sticking to just one project at a time! I can’t help but wear myself thin with too much on the go; hard work is an addiction.

5) When you’re just relaxing (and not working) what is your favourite  thing to do?

Play video games.

logo5 more questions concerning leadership of the Technocratic Party of Canada

1)How does leading a political party challenge you?

The most challenging aspect so far is having an answer to every single question on the spot. People will ask me questions out of the blue that I may feel have absolutely no relevance or that I really don’t want to answer, but when  I’m prompted, I only have a few seconds to gain their confidence, so I must think on my feet and be prepared.

2) What do you love about being leader of the Technocratic Party of Canada?

Learning. I am constantly learning about the history, current affairs, and structure of the country, as well as any details I should make myself familiar with on specific issues. For instance, in order to properly defend our stance on alternative energy, I studied a multitude of energy sources and implementations and compared their efficiency, safety, ease of use etc.

3) Do you have a favourite plank in your party’s platform or some goal you dream of fulfilling if you come to power?

Absolutely! I would love to reduce the validity of patents on drugs from 20 years to 5 years. Other countries that have done this (namely Brazil and India) are able to distribute medicine for one tenth of the price. This would save our healthcare system millions of dollars, save families hundreds of dollars, help lift people out of poverty, and would have virtually no effect on our economy.

4) How do you relate to contemporary politics as a modern citizen of the world?

From my perspective, the biggest change in contemporary politics is the introduction of social media. Everyone’s on Twitter and Facebook, so if people are to keep up with politics we need politicians to be organizing via social media outlets. I’ve been slowly learning the ropes of social media, but it’s hard to wear your heart on your sleeve in 140 characters or less!

Wikileaks and other whistle blowing outlets have also become highly influential as of late, which is teaching everyone we have to be open and up front about politics, not sneaky and subversive. There is increasing demand for accountability in politics thanks to Wikileaks, and I endeavour to be accountable and transparent in my politics with the Technocratic Party of Canada.

5) Is there a political figure you especially admire?

Lester Pearson

Lester B Pearson; click the picture to see Pearson's bio on the Nobel Prize website

Lester B Pearson. He showed us that you don’t need a majority government to get things done, although modern politicians are telling us elsewise. With just a minority his government was responsible for universal health care, the flag, Canada Pension and student loans. Not to mention that he won a Nobel Peace Prize.


Britta Hansen and the Technocratic Party of Canada will continue their efforts to win the hearts & minds of Canadians.

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