Do you need a reason?

If so –that you can’t simply CELEBRATE, but do need a rationale– I can toss a few your way:

  • If you’re a Torontonian you may be rejoicing in the victory of the Toronto Argonauts in the 100th Grey Cup Game on the weekend.  Jason is perhaps the least admirable hero in all mythology, even if his actions provoked even more outrageous behaviour from his ex, Medea.
  • If you’re a Torontonian you may be rejoicing in the judgement announced today concerning alleged conflict of interest, that aims to remove our Mayor from office, at least pending appeal.  This would be a victory for law and process, even if opponents are claiming that this is undemocratic, that no one voted for the judge.
  • If you’re a RIM investor you may be thrilled that your stock has gone up so many days recently

And there are likely other reasons you could be grateful.  Even if you’re not, even if you’re merely living a carpe diem sort of life, chances are you’d be open to celebrating, because celebrations are fun.  Life is a celebration, and the things we do in celebrating–eating, drinking, dancing, making love– are among the reasons we enjoy life, possibly the very reasons we’re here (particularly the biological imperatives).

Whatever your subtext, I offer you five ways to celebrate.

#1, one of the oldest, affirming order in the world, admittedly of a Christian variety.  If you’re not Christian, chances are you may still enjoy the music.

#2 is a hymn to the planet and the regenerative powers of Mother Nature.

#3 takes you in a different direction again. I have no idea what this choir is singing, a very affirmative positive song in another language (I don’t even know the language).

#4 is a commercial song called “Celebration” from the 1980s.  Is popularity a bad thing? You be the judge.

#5, finally is counterpart to #1, the other well-known song of celebration, and pardon me if one composer gets to be heard twice.  Never mind getting mad.  Be joyful…!


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5 Responses to Celebrate

  1. Wow…I’m all for positivity too. Thanks for this – even thought the Ford thing will probably just be a blip on the radar in a short while, it’s good to know that somehow, somewhere it seems that someone saw the light!

  2. Art Talk says:

    I needed this! Thx.

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