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Tcherniakov’s Serendipitous Trovatore

Having seen a small local production of Verdi’s Il trovatore in Richmond Hill Saturday night, the tunes & situations were very fresh in my head tonight for a broadcast of a 2012 production of the very same opera with big … Continue reading

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Opera York: True to Verdi

It’s exciting when you get a chance to test an offbeat theory, and even more exciting when you prove it. Giuseppe Verdi’s Il trovatore was at one time –perhaps at the end of the 19th century—the most popular opera in … Continue reading

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Songs in the key of F Mayor

Meaning is where you find it. Toronto’s mayor is bigger than ever.  He was always large, but now he’s becoming an international icon.  If he wanted it, I’m sure a reality TV show could follow His Worship and his brother … Continue reading

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Reinventing the audience

No, I am not reinventing,  I am the anthropologist busily observing, and seeking to articulate something that’s out there among the specimens.  Humanity –at least the western version thereof—are busily changing the social consensus. Surely the changes have been underway … Continue reading

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Late to the party: The Double’s Trio

Getting to Tarragon Theatre’s Extraspace 20 minutes before the start of The Double, would have been early for most shows in Toronto.  But all the good seats were gone, and so we were forced to sit near the back.  I’m … Continue reading

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Bogdanowicz & Ramirez: a common language

I met some new people tonight.  Some of them were singers, some were composers, and everyone got along beautifully in several languages. Tonight Michèle Bogdanowicz and Ernesto Ramirez sang a quintessentially Canadian program at Gallery 345, with pianist Rachel Andrist. … Continue reading

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