(Q + A) x 300: questions and conversations

This is the moment when bloggers look at their annual stats, notice trends, and perhaps say thank you to the community that supports them.

According to my stats I posted 232 different items over 365 days. This is a moment to thank you for last year.  Thank you readers. Thank you participants.

Wallis Giunta, wearing McCaffrey Haute Couture (photo Mark Cooper)

January: Wallis Giunta, wearing McCaffrey Haute Couture (photo Mark Cooper)

Speaking of numbers & participants , thirty-two of those 232 are of particular interest. I’m especially honoured to be facilitating the conversation that one finds in the questions surveys.  In addition to a pair of offbeat surveys—one directed whimsically at the different Rodolfos sharing the COC Boheme, another for Topher Mokrzewski concerning the Liszt transcription of liebestod that he played for a Wagner conference—I directed ten questions at thirty different people.

That’s three hundred questions even without including the other two surveys.

Why a summary like this one? Maybe I’m reluctant to let go of the year.  Maybe I want to register my gratitude, but also to catalogue these creations to encourage you to either re-visit or –if you never read them the first time—to see them now, crudely categorized.  I say “Crudely” because people don’t fit into categories, and I may be dishonouring some in the process.  Some of the Canadian singers are also international, opera people are also theatre artists, singers are also musicians, and some people like David Warrack or Topher Mokrzewski occupy several categories.  But I hope the divisions are recognizable.

Bass Franz-Josef Selig (Anne Hoffmann)

February: bass Franz-Josef Selig (Anne Hoffmann)

The page is a reflection of tendencies, possibly my own. Does the preponderance of tenors and sopranos reflect my bias? or say something about the world at large? And maybe i need to correct that in future.  I have no idea whether this page will be useful to anyone other than me, but i hope people will consider using this interface to revisit some fascinating conversations.


Theatre artists:
David Ferry (TIFT’s The Last of Romeo and Juliet)
Nina Lee Aquino  (fu-Gen Theatre & Tarragon’s carried away on the crest of a wave)
Melissa Hood  (Gun Shy Theatre’s Stop Kiss)


April: tenor Stephen Costello (photo: Dario Acosta)

April: tenor Stephen Costello (photo: Dario Acosta)

Canadian musicians & composers:
Eve Egoyan  (piano)
Patrick Jordan (viola)
David Warrack (composer, piano, conductor)
Beatriz Boizan (piano)
Christopher Mokrzewski (piano, Against the Grain Theatre co-artistic director and music-director)
John Mills-Cockell (composer)
Cecilia Livingston (composer)


Impresarios & builders:
Guillermo Silva-Marin (Opera in Concert, Toronto Operetta Theatre, Summer Opera Lyric Theatre)
Stuart Hamilton (founder: Opera in Concert, collaborative pianist & coach, CBC Opera Quiz)
Marshall Pynkoski (founder/co-artistic director Opera Atelier)

September: composer, musician, innovator, teacher John Mills-Cockell

September: composer, musician, innovator, teacher John Mills-Cockell

Nancy Hitzig (General Manager, Against the Grain Theatre)
Joel Ivany (co-artistic director, Against the Grain Theatre)
Douglas McNabney (Toronto Summer Music)
Alaina Viau (Soupcan Theatre’s Carmen)
Stuart Graham (Atelier S)


International artists:
Stephen Lord (conductor)
Mark Shulgasser (librettist, writer)
Franz-Josef Selig (bass)
Stephen Costello  (tenor)
Rufus Müller  (tenor)
Keir GoGwilt (violinist)
….plus the three Rodolfos: Eric Margiore, Michael Fabiano and Dimitri Pittas (NB Pittas couldn’t be reached, but i manufactured some comedy out of that in the write-up)


Director Joel Ivany

November:Director Joel Ivany

Canadian singers:
Isabel Bayrakdarian (soprano)
Carla Huhtanen (soprano)
Ambur Braid (soprano)
Christopher Enns (tenor)
Wallis Giunta (soprano)
Ileana Montalbetti (soprano)
Jacqueline Woodley (soprano)

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