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Competing icons at the RCM: Gould, Liszt and others

It’s a branding exercise to give a building a name. Roy Thomson has his hall. Both Rogers and Four Seasons have Centres. They already have The Glenn Gould School in the Royal Conservatory of Music. So why not also give … Continue reading

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To New York with Gershwin

Sometimes I have a fear of flying. I usually love the takeoff & normally sit by the window but when there’s turbulence I like to distract myself. On a trip to New York what better subject could one find than … Continue reading

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Not so Incidental Music

November 21st I posted a kind of preliminary review of Lydia Perović’s first novel Incidental Music: preliminary because at that time, I hadn’t finished reading it yet. Now that i’ve finished reading the book i have more to say. A … Continue reading

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The prettiest love duet

During the COC Ensemble Studio competition, I discovered that someone else –John Gilks of operaramblings and I share similar views about a particular piece of music. Saturday the Met High Definition broadcast will be Mozart’s La Clemenza di Tito, and … Continue reading

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Incidental words

A “CD launch” or a “book launch” is a fascinating phenomenon.  I say that even though, cough cough, I’ve never really been very fascinated by them. Books and CDs are art objects we usually experience in private rather than as … Continue reading

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Mrs Lincoln

In the latest Canadian Opera Company podcast, we were asked about the way women are used and abused in opera. As soon as the question was posed, and no one else started to speak, I seized the opportunity, to launch … Continue reading

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Perović’s Incidental Music

There’s a line in Lydia Perović’s new novel Incidental Music that has so far stayed with me like a motif. Roughly a quarter of the way into the book, Petra & Martha, two of the main characters start chatting, having … Continue reading

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