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10 Questions for David Powell

Ann and David Powell, aka Puppetmongers Theatre, have been delighting audiences for nearly 40 years with their extraordinary and innovative puppetry creations, fusing strong storytelling with their quirky sense of humour and technical wizardry.  At the forefront of puppetry arts … Continue reading

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A contrasting pair

The Canadian Opera Company will be offering a pair of one act operas in their spring season that have some things in common. Both works are set in Florence. Both works are based on literature Both have a character named … Continue reading

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Mirror images

I couldn’t help noticing an odd symmetry at the Academy Awards in February 2012. Two films won equal numbers of awards (Hugo won five, as did The Artist) Both films concern the early decades of cinema One film is set … Continue reading

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Dark Matters, or What does Dance know of Puppetry?

Dark Matters is every bit as mysterious & profound as its portentous title.  The work was conceived, directed & choreographed by Crystal Pite, presented by her company Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM (KP are supported by Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain) In the … Continue reading

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Move(me)ant. The Marat/Sade Occupied

There are so many things going on in Move(me)ant. The Marat/Sade Occupied that it helps to be a good multi-tasker.  Its first public preview Tuesday February 28th gave us much more than a play. This student production at York University … Continue reading

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