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Tonight at a performance of Bruce Barton’s YouTopia I was reminded of the difference between the mandate of University of Toronto’s “Drama Centre” (recently renamed “Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies”) and various theatre schools such as Ryerson or … Continue reading

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Whose dream?

We’re in the summer of Wagner’s Bicentennial.  Frank Castorf’s new Ring cycle has opened at Bayreuth, which led to the inevitable boos from the audience. Inevitable?  Two of the greatest Bayreuth productions of the past few decades were booed at … Continue reading

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Adès, Oakes, Lepage

Watching and hearing the Metropolitan Opera high definition broadcast of The Tempest, I wonder “whose” Tempest to call it. If you listen to Joseph Kerman—who says the composer is the dramatist–you’d say it belongs to Thomas Adès: the composer A … Continue reading

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“First, it is ridiculed”

Stewart Goodyear posted the following quote on Facebook today: “First, it is ridiculed….; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” -Arthur Schopenhauer Goodyear probably meant to speak of his Beethoven Marathon but I am borrowing … Continue reading

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Met Walküre

Before I begin this review, I want to give a quick shout out to my pal Robert. “Salut Robert.  Oui je sais que je suis “easy”, ou, comme on dit  “You had me at “Wes Herd dies auch sei/ hier … Continue reading

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Closing the Ring

I love it. When you’re writing about a great massive project it’s easy to be verbose, a lot harder to say something meaningful that’s brief, so let me get the most important part out of the way.  As I said: … Continue reading

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Lepage’s Siegfried

I watched the latest instalment of Robert Lepage’s Ring cycle at the Metropolitan Opera in a high definition broadcast. The celebrated machine that is the star of the production continues to amuse and delight.  In the latest episode we see … Continue reading

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